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We’re sure you’ve heard about ChatGPT and transformers by now, but have you worked with such tools?

We’re sure you’ve heard about ChatGPT and transformers by now, but have you worked with such tools?

This workshop was developed by and for the NLP Special Interest Group in Equinor, and is now customized for IFI. We will include a brief introduction of Equinor and some of the latest NLP developments, APIs, and open-source tools. In addition we will run a hands-on coding session for those who want to learn how to explore, extract information, and find patterns in unstructured datasets using unsupervised learning methods and pre-trained large language models.
The workshop assumes proficiency in Python and some experience with data science and Jupyter Notebook. Estimated time for the workshop is 2.5 hours, and we will then proceed to have sushi and refreshments.


Speaker bio:

  • Peter Koczka works in the Knowledge AI team in Equinor and has specialized in NLP with the company since 2021. He has a background in theoretical linguistics and specialized in computational linguistics for over 10 years.
  • Daniel Sander Isaksen works as an emerging technology scout in Equinor, and is currently researching generative AI and leading a project on implementation of odontology-technology in the business. He has 2 years of working experience and a masters in artificial intelligence from IFI.
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