Bedriftspresentasjon med Sintef

Tidspunkt Tirsdag 17.10
kl. 16:15
Sted Escape
Mat Pizza Pancetta
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Velkommen til bedriftspresentasjon med SINTEF tirsdag 17.Oktober!

At SINTEF, we are carrying out Research and Innovation projects together with Norwegian and European partners, including industrial partners such as Siemens, Philips, Visma, Statnett and Telenor, covering a broad range of application areas such as ICT, energy, eHealth, mobility, manufacturing, agriculture, and the maritime sector. 

We will give you an overview of the digital technologies-focused groups at SINTEF Digital and focus on two representative groups; the Trustworthy Green IoT Software group and the Smart Data group. You will meet two computer scientists from SINTEF Digital who can give you the details of what SINTEF could offer to the students! Gøran Svaland, a research scientist in the Smart Data group, and Phu H. Nguyen, who is a senior research scientist at SINTEF, working in the Trustworthy Green IoT Software group. 

Software has eaten and powered the world with products, services, and innovation within basically all kind of areas. Through applied research in Software Engineering, the Trustworthy Green IoT Software group create new tools and methodologies for software development and operation of intelligent and trustworthy systems spanning across the IoT, edge, and cloud continuum with a particular focus on sustainability. The Smart Data group carries out research and innovation that enable organisations to build data ecosystems on their collective data assets facilitating artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital twins. The mission of the Smart Data research group at SINTEF Digital is to organize, and make useful, this multitude of data sources in innovative ways.

SINTEF offers a lot of MSc thesis/Internship/Job opportunities at the cross-section between academia and industry, shaping the technology of the future.


Contact information: 

Gøran Svaland

Phu Nguyen



SINTEF Digital conducts research and innovation in digital technologies and technology-oriented social sciences. Our multi-disciplinary knowledge base is used across all industries and helps our customers exploit and meet the opportunities created by digitalization and digital transformation. 
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