Summer Internship 2024

Søknadsfrist 29.02.2024
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We are looking for 4 talented and passionate students for our 2024 summer internship program. For this years’ internship we are especially looking for embedded SW resources. As an intern at Novelda you will be a key resource in our development teams, solving interesting problems on projects across a wide range of technologies and methodologies. All focused around Ultra Wideband radars, of course.

Our goal is to offer all four interns a permanent position with NOVELDA after graduation.


The Novelda teams

SW, DSP and Data Science Teams

  • Our core product is HW, but it is no good without excellent SW. We have several teams solving problems across multiple dimensions of software development such as front-end and back-end programming, machine learning, data visualization and SW production environments.
  • You should be interested in one or more of: C / C++, CMake, cloud computing tools and techniques, front-end design for web and web apps framework, software patterns, RTOS, bare-metal embedded, Linux kernel and device driver development, developing on deeply embedded and resource-restricted processors, ARM-based SoC architectures, real-time debugging tools, etc.

Test and Validation

  • Developing HW infrastructure and test programs for IC and sensor validation, characterization, and production testing.
  • As a Test and Validation intern you should be comfortable in a lab environment, like to do hands-on testing and debugging, and a little bit of SW experience will not hurt.

Analog and Digital IC Design team

  • Contribute to realize our next generation of UWB radar ICs.
  • Tasks may include design of analog, RF, digital or high-speed mixed-signal circuit blocks, verification, custom layout, digital synthesis, place&route and physical verification.
  • You should be interested in circuit design and preferably have knowledge about state-of-the-art IC design tools.

Applications Team

  • Work with the team which takes our UWB sensors into actual products with our customers.
  • As an Application intern you will get insight into how our customers use our sensors and contribute to making the integration as easy as possible.
  • Tasks will vary from programming SW applications to hacking/making sensor demos.
  • You should be technical and outgoing, and a little bit of versatility is a plus.

RF and Antenna Design Team

  • Antennas are a key part of our sensors, and essential for good presence detection performance. We specialize in making small, directive, and broadband antennas with as high efficiency as possible.
  • Tasks will include design and verification of new and novel antenna designs, testing and characterization in RF lab and development of RF test systems
  • You should be interested in RF design and measurement techniques. Experience with antenna/EM simulation and design tools is a plus.