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Søknadsfrist 30.09.2021
Stilling Internship
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Hi there, you brilliant student!


Just thinking out loud; what if we had a door that opens up the knowledge, competence and the smart brains of a company that has 182 years of experience? What would you even do with that opportunity? Maybe invent something, optimize how we sell stuff or just climb onto the next big stage of your career?


Schibsted Connect is that door – your door to insight and new contacts. It is our buddy program where you will be connected with one of our Schibsted colleagues. Through meetings you will mutually share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. This exchange of information is the bridge that gives both sides of the river a better understanding of the world. We encourage you to ask us anything, and in return we get to pick your ultra-modern brain.


This is not a traineeship or an internship. It's an informal way of establishing connections and initiating conversations between people. We mentor you, and you mentor us.


Take part in our two way mentoring program: Schibsted Connect!