Maskinlæring/Junior Data Scientist

Søkefrist: 01.06.2020

How are machine learning models built from the ground up? From collecting data and building datasets, all the way to to building advanced, AI-powered predictive models - this internship provides you with the infrastructure and personal mentorship to really get your feet wet in the field of ML/Data Science. We are sound-centric, and use acoustics as our data source. Check this presentation from Soundsensing CTO Jon Nordby (and your would-be mentor) for more in-depth info: Ex tasks with varying levels of abstraction: - Collecting sound data in the wild - Finding and applying existing technology and research - Performing feasibility studies - Building ML models for specific applications

Ex ML use-cases we're working on right now: - Audio Classification. Identify what things are happening in a sound clip - Event Detection. Find the precise times that a specific sound occurs - Anomaly Detection. Identify when out-of-the-ordinary things occur - Data Presentation. How to present information to user in an effective manner

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Soundsensing har utviklet en IoT lydsensor som måler, identifiserer, og loggfører lydkilder ved hjelp av maskinlæring.

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