Frontend Developer for Blockchain prototypes and Proof-of-Concepts

Søkefrist: 30.04.2019

We are looking for people who have a passion for UI, using AngularJS, React, OpenUI5, Java Script, jQuery, LESS, Java and open public Blockchain.
As a start you will be building Proof-of-Concepts and prototypes.
You will be part of a small international team building the UI's for a globally distributed Enterprise Blockchain solution.

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UNISOT™ is a revolutionary open blockchain platform that will change the face of the entire value chain, while delivering fast and secure transactions and instantaneous insight for companies covering the entire supply chain. UNISOT™ emerges from the well established Business Processes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – such as SAP – providing the security and trust that the open public blockchain technology offers. UNISOT™ aims to build a worldwide business network ecosystem in blockchain, providing the tools and services to deliver efficiency, speed and insight in the world’s largest market.

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Stephan Nilsson

Tlf: 902 62 465