CTO & Co-Founder

Søkefrist: 15.02.2019

We are looking for our CTO and the next cofounder, helping us revolutionize how creative industries deal with copyrights.


Who we are

Coright will be a platform for creatives and companies involved in media productions and ad-campaigns to connect, collaborate and create, sign and organize contracts/agreements.


What stage we are at

We have a prototype working we are testing on pilot customers. We have participated in TheFactory fall ‘18 program and have received early stage funding from Innovation Norway and angel investors. Our goal is to have an MVP developed at beginning of Q2 ‘19, and start looking for pre seed investment.


What you will be doing

  • You will be the key technical personnel on our team and be responsible for creating our fundament for further development.
  • Helping us develop the core design of the data structure 
  • Take charge and oversee development done by third parties.
  • Help develop our own API
  • Potentially take charge and lead a team of developers


About you

  • Located in the Oslo area
  • Wants to help develop a small startup into a leading tech-company
  • Hungry for experience and project ownership over salary


Skills required

  • Overall solution design and software product architecture.
  • Design and architecture of frontend components, APIs and database.
  • Selection of key technical infrastructure (hosting, database and API tools, programming tools, ...)
  • Selection of key non-core application components (among open source or commercial alternatives)
  • Lean startup approach (prototyping, structures experimentation, MVPs, ...)
  • Agile development approach, Scrum.
  • Strong own skills in programming and involved infrastructure and 3rd party components.
  • Strong ability to lead the development effort, including partly outsourced development.

If you are the right match, we can provide

  • Equity shares and salary
  • Office space in Karl Johans Gate
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Shaping the core, and the future of our company


If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact Jonas at jonas@coright.io or check out our website www.coright.io.

We help brands manage their marketing campaigns and agreements while protecting the rights of creators and talent. As commercial content output is growing with more complex usage rights, new distribution channels, and an increasing need for value chain transparency, we’ve recognized a need for a new way of managing it all. Coright will enable cross value chain communication, automated contracts, and content rights expiration alarm and renewal. It’s a space for everyone, from brands and agencies to creators and talent to finally take ownership of their projects, feel secure, and save a lot of save time and resources in the process. E-mail hi@coright.io for info or access to our prototype coming mid 2019.

Spørsmål til annonsen?

Jonas Vasbotten

Email: jonas@coright.io