Embedded C, Firmware at Digipig

Søkefrist: 31.12.2018

Digipig will inspire kids to save and value money.

In a cashless society it's hard for kids to grasp what money is, and the magic of saving money is left with grown ups. 
We are all about changing that. 

Digipig is a physical IoT enabled piggy bank that connects to the cloud and the kids bankaccount. 
The snout is wired with a touch screen, and it respond to movements. Every transfer opens up a world of experience, with suddle swipes to feed the belly of the pig.

We're going big, running as fast as we can to make saving available for kids around the world. We believe mountains can be moved, solving hard problems while making it easier for the next in line. 

We care about our end-users and the sensation of making something entirely new, introducing mindboggling experiences that make heads pop. Connecting the tangible to enriching data, letting go of status quo and dancing with the infeasible.

What we need?

If you are interested in embedded C or making hardware work, building stuff at home or thinking about your new project constantly - your the one. 
We would not expect you to know everything, but be curious and persistant to take a leap of faith and see how far you can go. You like to see the impact of what you create, and include your cohorts in discussions. 

You would like to have fun & do important work at the same time. 

I think we got your attention, and that means we should hear from you. Reach out and grab a coffee with us at StartupLab.

Some more info

Digipig is funded, pre-selling Digipig & have partnerships with banks. 
We're a small team with need for great talent, and we are growing! 


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Digipig is reintroducing the traditional piggybank. It is still a physical item, but now IoT enabled and connected to the child’s bank account. Providing an intuitive platform for kids to learn about money and its value, through gamification and interaction design. Even in a cashless society, children can easily start saving – in a fresh and engaging way.

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Olav Hestmann

Tlf: +4794206078

Email: olav@digipig.no