Summer Internship at Ardoq

Søkefrist: 30.04.2018

In the future, complex business questions will be asked and answered digitally, using natural language.
Why should humans waste time drawing outdated diagrams when machines can do it for us?

These are some of the challenges we face. 
We need your help to solve them.

Build our first chat bot

Using NLP you can help us prototype our first chat bot powered by Ardoq's Enterprise Intelligence Graph, that will enable customers to answer any question about their organization using natural language.

Learn JavaScript using d3.js, React and Redux

Help us develop our complex front-end application by writing front-end modules and data-driven visualizations. Learn the languages, tools and frameworks that are powering modern applications.

We are looking for talented developers for paid summer internships, with the possibility of converting into full, or part-time employment.

While experience is a plus, what we value the most is that you are driven, willing to learn and ready to tackle problems you probably haven't seen before.

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Established in 2013, Ardoq is one of Norway’s fastest growing new technology companies. Using graph technology and data-driven visualizations we are mapping out entire organizations to help them answer questions about their business and enable smarter decisions.

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