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Søkefrist: 07.09.2016

Do you want to work on a service that could change the rules of society as we know it? Do you want to build an app that will change how we identify and verify ourselves from how we meet people online to how we cross international borders? Do you have a passion for making a global digital service that will reach billions of people?

.MUTUAL is focused on bringing a simple way of establishing trust between 
people in everyday life situations and we need talented and motivated individuals to help us make it happen.

Trust is a true enabler of societies. However, it is not easily gained. Despite the vast majority of people being genuine, honest and reliable, we often have to live by rules to deal with the exception to this. Mutual is all about quickly enabling trust between people in everyday life, whether in physical or digital environment. Trust quickly removes uncertainty and allows people to get on with whatever they wanted to do in the first place. 

We’re currently looking for three interns for the period September through November:

- Android and/or iOS Developers
- UX/UI Designer
- Backend Developer

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There are possibilities for compensation during the internship

Running deadline:

Apply by contacting our CEO Derek Hosty (Derek.Hosty@telenor.com)

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.MUTUAL is an app that quickly enables trust in everyday life situations. .MUTUAL was selected as one of 8 ideas to progress into the incubator out of over 500 submissions.

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Derek Hosty

Email: Derek.Hosty@telenor.com