Meaningful backend and/or full stack software engineer job

Søkefrist: 31.05.2016

As part of expanding our team, we are looking for a full stack software engineer to our office in Forskningsparken, Blindern.

CFEngine is known for its performance and scalability leveraged by industry leaders in a number of industries like finance, automotive, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, consumer electronics and telecom.

Our software runs on millions of mission-critical production servers worldwide. Are you ready to take on great responsibilities for the success of our business critical software? Do you have great ambitions to make a difference? Keep on reading.

Main responsibilities:

    - Be involved in CFEngine Enterprise server-side code

        - Plan and estimate time for new features and maintenance tasks

        - Develop, test, implement and document new features and fixes

        - Ensure releases according to release schedule (time-driven releases)

    - Ensure continuation of our high standards when it comes to

        - security        

        - scalability

        - performance

        - resilience

Other shared tasks:

    - Be part of our scrum process with bi-weekly sprints

    - Be responsible for supporting the code you commit throughout its life-time

Absolute Skills and Experience:

    - Linux fan

    - Back-end web programming experience at scale (REST, HTTP)

    - PHP, javascript and PostgreSQL experience

Desired Skills and Experience:

    - Msc. in Engineering, Information Technology, or similar

    - C experience

    - Open source SQL databases and in-memory solutions like Redis / Memcached

    - User and identity management such as LDAP integration

    - PHPUnit and Codeigniter

    - git

    - Javascripts frameworks like bootstrap, angular, jQuery, etc.

How do you know if this is the right job for you?

You want to be part of something cool and meaningful. You want to make a difference. You believe in automation. You are open-minded and embrace change as a good thing. You

possess the “entrepreneurial” DNA. Most importingly, you like what you read at

Ready to apply?

If this is sounds like a match then we are super thrilled to receive your application. Please send an email describing why you want to join and why you think we should hire you. Attach a short CV, and send it to

We look forward to hearing from you.

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CFEngine, an open source pioneer and leader in automation and configuration management enables organizations to become more agile by simplifying, and automating the way they provision and maintain IT infrastructure and applications. CFEngine is used by the largest and most complex IT organizations in the world to provision new applications and system services in a consistent, secure and compliant way. CFEngine has users in more than 100 countries, including many of the world´s largest and coolest organizations.

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