[AVLYST] - WebAssembly og Three.js with Spacemaker

31.03.2020 16:15

caml, Instituttet for informatikk


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At Spacemaker we are developing software to find the smartest and most sustainable ways to unleash the potential of any building site, considering living quality, the environment, and project profitability. The construction industry is one of the least digitized industries in today’s world as a result our product has been met with great enthusiasm from site developers and architects alike. This is just the beginning. Going forward our ambition is to both expand geographically, and make our product better facilitate all phases of the site development process.

In this course, you will get an introduction to WebAssembly and 3D visualization using Three.js.

WebAssembly is a binary compilation format which lets you run languages like C, C++, and Rust in the browser. This means existing code can be used in web application and possibilities for increased performance by using lower-level languages than JavaScript. Three.js is a highly successful library which is used to create 3D applications which run in the browser.

At Spacemaker we use Three.js in large parts of our applications to let our users interact buildings on building sites and to visualize analysis of the buildings. WebAssembly is an emerging technology which we have done some experiments with and are considering to include in our product.

In the first part of the course, we will give you an introduction to WebAssembly and Three.js, and in the second part, you will finish a project which combines both these technologies to find an optimal utilization of a building site. (no prior knowledge about WebAssembly, Three.js or optimization is required.)


Øystein Knudsen