Bedriftspresentasjon med NBIM

NBIM uses cloud technology, process scheduling, robotics and machine learning. Come and get some insight on their journey!

30.10.2018 16:15

Java, Ole Johan Dahls Hus (Gaustadalléen 23B)

Mat og drikke

5 plasser igjen

The evening will consist of:

16:15 Presentation of NBIM with focus on Operations

17:00 Food, drinks and mingling


Our operational platform is designed from a high ambition level for automation of our investment processes and business analysis. The processes include areas like loading, quality assurance, profiling and processing of large sets of data from external data suppliers and electronic connectivity to more than 100 trading counterparties and settlement agents in 75 countries.  In order to support an continuously improve these processes, we rely on advanced and modern technology like cloud technology, process scheduling, robotics and machine learning.  
The presentation will give some insight into the architecture we have built in NBIM for our investment management processes, the technology we use, and the expertise we need in order to continue our journey.

About NBIM:

Norges Bank Investment Management manages the Government Pension Fund Global. The fund is invested worldwide in equities, fixed income and real estate, totalling around  8,200 billion kroner (1 trillion dollar). Our mission is to safeguard and build wealth for Norway’s future generations. We are operating in a global, highly competitive and constantly evolving market. We are more than 600 people of more than 35 nationalities, with offices in Oslo, London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai.


Nan Lindrupsen